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Director of Creative Programming

Megan Rooney


As Director of Creative Programming, Megan has a unique role of bringing creativity to the processes and programs that HLM uses to write and design clear and creative communications. Megan's focus is on the health and science, as well as the less-recognized "art" of health literacy.

Megan is an HLM original. She’s been with us since our founding, and has spent the last 12 years building and refining the framework that guides our health literacy and plain language services, and has become a published author and nationally-known expert in our field along the way. Megan’s deep knowledge and natural artistry (she’s an accomplished musician) equip her, as Director of Creative Programming, to infuse creativity into HLM's evidence-based strategies. Megan believes that this balance of science and art deliver clear and compelling communication of complex information.

As a health educator and a Licensed Master Social Worker, Megan brings a truly unique perspective on communicating health information to diverse communities in innovative, thoughtful, and sensitive ways. For example, Megan has delivered culturally-sensitive therapy to refugees newly settling in the U.S. and evidence-based behavioral interventions to children on the autism spectrum. She has also worked in behavioral and mental health research at Washington University in St. Louis, and is well-versed (and chorused) in research and evaluation methodologies.

Not satisfied to keep her experience to herself, Megan has developed comprehensive training for our staff to ensure that each of us is confident and competent in creating excellent communication materials and media.

Megan holds a Master of Health Education degree from the University of
Texas at Austin and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of California, Berkley.

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We have more than 100 years of combined experience in health literacy, public health, science, public policy, medical communication, and translating complex health information into plain language. 

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