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What we do

We do full health literacy reviews of existing materials, campaigns, programs, and strategies using the most current and evidence-based health literacy best-practices and plain language principles, and develop new materials with those same best-practices and principles as a guide.

Material review, revision, and creation

Writing simply about health topics is surprisingly hard to do. 

We're experts at reviewing complex health information and helping you turn it into plain language. Our team uses a standardized, evidence-based tool to review your content and materials, and recommend changes. We then apply those changes to revise and design your materials. In the end, you get an easy-to-read, well-designed piece that people can understand.

We create

Fact sheets, education guides, decision aids, workbooks, infographics, and brochures

Material review

Animated video production

People love videos. It's that simple.

To reach your audience, you have to meet them where they are and package your health information in ways they like. We can help with that. From brainstorming to final delivery, our award-winning video team can help you produce short, engaging videos to provide health information, inform a process, or lead viewers to action.

We develop

PDF and animated creative briefs, scripts, animated graphic content, closed captions, and subtitles

Animated video

Social and online media

Meet people where they are — the world wide web.

People are getting their health information from more resources than ever before. We think this is really cool, but also a challenge for many health organizations. We use social media messaging, web-based graphics, websites, and online toolkits to create personalized healthcare solutions that meet people where they are — the web.

We develop

Social media messaging, graphics, and campaigns, websites, and online health education toolkits

Social media

Clinical trial communication

The growth of scientific knowledge far outpaces the rate that knowledge is put to practical uses.

Our broad range of expertise in health, science, environmental, and risk communication aims to bridge the gap between what we know scientifically and how that information is put into practice. Our program, Clearly Communicating Clinical Trials (C3T) can help you clearly communicate results to people while complying with regulations – all while doing the right thing: Making science accessible to everyone.

We support with

Custom-tailored solutions and methods to help inform, evaluate, and develop clear materials

Clinical trial communication

Professional trainings

Educational opportunities to help professionals clearly communicate with patients.

We believe that ideal learning happens when people receive information they think is relevant in a fresh, interactive way. And who knows, maybe it's even a little entertaining. That's why we custom-build our training programs so they meet your learning goals plus engage the people you're trying to reach.

We develop

Stand-alone, and series in-person trainings and workshops, and virtual webinars and eLearnings