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Jeremy Day

Multimedia Project Manager

Jeremy Day


As a Multimedia Project Manager, Jeremy coordinates video production at HLM, as well as other types of digital media, including infographics and videos, and trainings and e-Learnings. He combines his narrative-focused approach to digital storytelling with health literacy to help people understand information in a way that captivates and educates.

Jeremy Day is a Multimedia Project Manager at HLM. He primarily develops and creates across the entirety of the video production process – crafting stories, writing scripts, animating visual content, and editing videos. In addition to video, Jeremy helps bridge storytelling and instructional design in educational trainings and helps develop other digital and online media.

Jeremy has been a script editor, writer, and cowriter on numerous short films, a unique expertise he brings to the team. Jeremy also has a passion for problem solving and breaking down and understanding how everything works. This has led him to having a diverse work experience and a diverse skill and he is happy to jump in and provide. His experience with writing and production and his curiosity helps Jeremy in working with clients to develop and bring their ideas to life in whatever media it is.

Jeremy graduated from Webster University with a Bachelor of Arts
in Film Production and from London Film School with a master’s degree
in screenwriting.

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