Who we are

This is us. Our team is enthusiastic and interdisciplinary by design. That’s how we’ve become national thought leaders in health literacy with expertise in health communications, journalism, social marketing, public health, policy, and social work.


Take a look around and see who we are.

Meet our CEO

Allen Todd
Director of Partnerships & Initiatives
Megan Rooney
Director of Program Development
Diane Webb
Assistant Director of Program Development
Andrew Pleasant
Senior Advisor on Health Literacy Interventions,
Research and Evaluation
Derek Collins
Business & Office Manager
Christina Goalby
Health Literacy Education Manager
Candra Johnson
Senior Graphics & Digital Media Designer
Lisa Cary
Senior Health Literacy Writer & Editor
Christopher Casey
Senior Health Communication Coordinator
Mat Stevens
Plain Language Science Writer
Ari Hairston
Executive Administrative Assistant
Melanie Schwarz
Health Literacy & Science Writer
Christianna Reedy
Health Literacy & Science Writer
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Catina O'Leary
President and CEO
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Meet our team

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Based in St. Louis, MO - Working around the world.

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911 Washington Ave., Suite 625, St. Louis, MO 63101

+1 (314) 361-9400

HLM is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.