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Nathan Anton

Health Literacy Project Coordinator

Nathan Anton

As a Health Literacy Project Coordinator, Nathan breaks down complex health information to make it easy for people to understand and act on. He uses proven plain language principles to create content that engages and educates intended audiences.

Nathan believes health literacy is a natural, practical means to improve health outcomes for everyone. When people understand health-related information, they are empowered to make better-informed decisions to live a healthier life.

Nathan discovered his passion for clear health and science communication when he joined a study team researching whether journalists can better communicate research findings when they work with scientists directly and participate first-hand in the scientific process. Would you believe they found this to be true? We're not surprised in the least — clear communication leads to understanding, and understanding to clear communication.

It's this unique perspective at the crossroads of multimedia, journalism, science, and health research that Nathan brings to HLM. Nathan is inspired by innovation and is always looking for new, creative ways to engage audiences first-hand in the content development process.

Nathan's day-to-day at HLM includes creating, editing, and managing production of print and digital, patient- and provider-facing materials. Before joining HLM, Nathan produced multimedia content for a variety of industries, including nonprofits, small businesses, corporations, and newsrooms. He holds a bachelor’s degree in convergence (multimedia) journalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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We have more than 100 years of combined experience in health literacy, public health, science, public policy, medical communication, and translating complex health information into plain language. 

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