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Elisa Yinh

Social Media Coordinator

Elisa Yinh


As a Social Media Coordinator, Elisa weaves evidence-based information, clear language, and creative design into the public's everyday social media scroll. She develops engaging social media content and coordinates social media campaigns, to educate and empower public and professional audiences.

Inspired by her loved ones' health experiences, as well as her own health journey, Elisa has found health literacy to be the space in the world where she can really make a difference. She sees the point where science, education, empathy, and art converge as the key to effective communication.

Elisa believes that when a team of people come together to create with health literacy in mind — each person bringing their unique talents and lived experiences to the table — the process and the result can be magical! With the help of the HLM team, she develops meaningful social media content every day, bringing together evidence-based information, clear language, and creative design, in a way that educates and empowers those who come across it.

Elisa's creativity predates her time with HLM: She has worked as the social media and visual content creator for her husband's chiropractic practice, which they established in 2011, and has two online print-on-demand stores where she sells her artwork. No stranger to social media campaigns, Elisa created a vocabulary word-of-the-day campaign for YouTube, spanning 2 full years. She was able to utilize her writing, music, and performance skills to help educate people in a fun, light, and concise way. She is especially passionate about mental health, art, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness meditation — so she's right at home here at HLM.

Elisa holds a Bachelor's Degree in music (vocal) and art from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

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