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What we're thankful for

The days have grown shorter and colder. We’ve even had a rare November snow here in St. Louis. With winter approaching and Thanksgiving upon us, this is the perfect time to reflect on our gratitude. We have much to be thankful for here at Health Literacy Media.

While an exhaustive list would take volumes and volumes to report, it would be a pity to miss this opportunity to affirm the amazing work we’ve been a part of, and the incredible folks we’ve been able to team up with.

Let us first express how thankful we are for our partners, as individuals and as organizations. We have the distinct privilege of working with some true experts who are leading the way in their respective fields, from informed patient decision making to integrating health literacy into the pharmaceutical industry. The great strides heath literacy has and continues to make in improving the patient experience and promoting health has been largely driven by dedicated individuals, many of whom have taken this on above and beyond their regular work.

We’re thankful for our projects with organizations who are applying health literacy in innovative ways, reaching consumers and patients alike with clear, actionable health information that really makes a difference. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute our voice to the chorus of those who are using health literate communication to promote Open Enrollment through the Affordable Care Act, supporting outreach to diverse communities.

You can’t have a great work experience without great people, and we’re thankful for the incredible staff, leadership, interns, and board who work every day to make our organization the best it can be. Check out our #FridayIntroductions series on Instagram to get to know just a few of our outstanding people.

And, of course, we’re thankful for this year’s celebration of health literacy month, which we held both in-person during our Awards Dinner and online through our series of blog posts that detail what we’ve learned applying health literacy in the community.

Our offices are full of activity these days; we’re busy closing out this year and gearing up for next year with lots of exciting new work with new partners too. Still, if you don’t take a moment to look back and reflect, you just might miss out on a chance to reflect and learn.

Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving.


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