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Kidney transplant training in our own backyard

We've been thrilled with the national response to our Explore Transplant trainings, but thanks to our partners here in St. Louis, we've been able to reach a more local audience, with plans for more!


In the United States, there are more than 500,000 patients who require dialysis for kidney disease. Every patient deserves the opportunity to learn about all their end-stage renal disease treatment options and have the help they need to make the best decisions for themselves.

This is where we come in. Our family of programs, including Explore Transplant and Explore Living Donation, fill the gap between complex kidney transplant and donation information and the patients who need to understand it all. Part of the way we meet this need is through patient-focused materials or provider-focused trainings.

We’re excited to share one of the ways we are infusing health literacy into this field, right in our own backyard. In late April we hosted an Explore Transplant dialysis provider training in partnership with Mid-America Transplant, here in St. Louis.

Why trainings? Dialysis providers have a unique opportunity to reach kidney patients and their loved ones directly with high quality, evidence-based education.

A photograph of a large, bright room, filled with people who are sitting at tables, listening to a presenter.
More than 80 individuals from 4 states attended the Explore Transplant training hosted by Mid America Transplant.

These day-long trainings are a unique one-stop-shop for dialysis providers to become more confident transplant educators and living donation supporters.

At the end of the day, attendees walked out with our new and improved Explore Transplant materials, that combine kidney transplant research and evidence-based health literacy best practices, and more importantly walked away able to:

  • Better educate their patients about their treatment options

  • Have more effective transplant discussions with their patients

  • Better support living donation

Through our trainings, thousands of providers across the United States are better equipped to sit chairside with patients to educate them about the benefits and risks of kidney transplant and living donation.

Big thanks to our partners for supporting such an amazing event!

A photograph of 16 seated and standing people who are looking directly at the camera. They are gathered around an Explore Transplant banner.
Thanks to the transplant teams from Barnes-Jewish Hospital and SSM Saint Louis University Hospital, the Heartland Kidney Network, the Missouri Kidney Program, and the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services.

We’re already prepping for our next training with our friends at Mid America Transplant.

Interested in learning more about our Explore Transplant and Explore Living Donation education materials and trainings? Connect with Christina Goalby, Health Literacy Education Manager:


Phone: (314) 361-9400


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