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HLM's approach to health literacy

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Health literacy is more than replacing jargon with words everyone understands or teaching patients to ask questions of health care professionals when receiving care.

HLM weaves health literacy into all our partnerships, programs, and products to help individuals and populations improve their health and to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of health systems. Our goal is to help individuals, communities, and nations make informed decisions about health and increase the health and well-being of all people.

There is a large demand for effective and evidence-based health literacy tools. Health Literacy Media addresses the entire scope of health literacy through our work every day. While there is still a lot to learn in the health literacy field, we are aware of no other organization that similarly addresses the entire depth and breadth of health literacy. Our work ranges from animated videos to clinical trial summaries and interactive decision aids to fotonovelas. See more of of what we do here.

Additionally, Health Literacy Media is constantly engaged not only in using the evidence-based tools that exist, we are conducting research around the world to develop and test new and improved tools, approaches, and understanding of health literacy.


  • To learn more about health literacy, visit our "What is health literacy" webpage.

  • We’ve also compiled a list of other health literacy resources you might find useful, such as “” and the “Roundtable on Health Literacy.” Take a look at our resources page.


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