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Cover Missouri

Cover Missouri is a Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) project that aims to lower the number of uninsured people in Missouri. The Cover Missouri Coalition (CMC) formed in April 2013 to expand health coverage in Missouri. To do this, CMC members spread awareness about the Health Insurance Marketplace. They also help people enroll in, understand, and use their health insurance.

HLM's role

Over the past 5 years we've:

  • Trained health insurance assisters and navigators on how to communicate clearly with consumers

  • Created interactive handouts for assisters and navigators to use during their appointments with consumers

  • Created 20 videos to help assisters and consumers understand how to get, keep, and use health insurance

  • Created social media messages to help spread awareness about health insurance topics and what's covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Health insurance literacy eLearnings

In partnership with the Cover Missouri Coalition, HLM created 7 self-guided online trainings to promote and support health insurance literacy. The trainings are offered to anyone who has an interest in sharing clear and easy-to-understand information about health insurance with consumers and patients.

It’ll take you about 15 minutes to watch eLearnings 1-6. eLearnings 7 and 8 are combined and take about 30 minutes.


Introduction to health insurance literacy

What is health insurance literacy? Watch this introduction eLearning to find out.


Empowering people with health insurance

Don't just teach consumers what they need to know, empower them so they can do more!


How to speak so that consumers understand

What you need to know about using verbal communication skills to communicate clearly.


How to use

What you need to know about using handouts during appointments with consumers.


How to use plain language to create clear materials

Need to create materials of
your own? Follow these plain language principles.


How to use
numbers clearly

Numbers can be tricky. Here's how you make them easier to understand for consumers.


Diversity at your desk

Working with people who don't speak English or aren't familiar with the US healthcare system? This one is for you!

Note: While these eLearnings were originally created to be interactive on a Learning Management System (LMS), some of the functionality of the interactive elements does not completely transfer to an HTML website format. Thank you for understanding.

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