We believe health literacy plays an important role in every aspect of health and wellbeing.

We put health literacy into action — from kidney transplant education to community-based wellness to making science accessible to everyone.

HLM bridges the gap between complexity, understanding, and action with health literacy 

Health care can be confusing for all of us. Health literacy plays an important role in every aspect of health and wellbeing. It ranges from individual decisions, to complex interactions with health professionals, and on to the design of health care systems and support of communities. 

There is a large demand for effective and evidence-based health literacy tools to bridge the gap between complex information, clear understanding, and sustainable behaviors. 

At HLM our work, driven by evidence-based best practices, addresses the entire scope of health literacy from understanding to action. We are aware of no other organization that similarly addresses the entire depth and breadth of health literacy.​

What does bridging the gap look like for us?

We train professionals who work with people affected by low health literacy 

We review, revise, and design print and digital complex health content 

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We produce award-winning health-literate live-action and animated video content

Our health-literate education programs help kidney patients, their providers, caregivers, and loved ones make informed choices

Our health-literate approach to clinical trials can help you improve any stage of a clinical trial process, from recruitment to communicating results

What we do

We infuse health literacy strategies into every aspect of health information to make it easier to understand and act upon. By building programs that embrace health literacy best practices, we are able to increase understanding of health information in new and exciting areas.

Who we are

 HLM is an award-winning, interdisciplinary team of creative content and usability experts, with more than 100 years of combined experience in health literacy, public health and policy, research, plain language medical writing, communications, and graphic design. Our team has become national thought leaders in health literacy.

Who we partner with

We partner with policymakers, educators, pharmaceutical companies and health care organizations, and communities in the name of health literacy. We can help you think in new ways when it comes to reaching and engaging with diverse health care audiences.

What people are saying

“In one project, you have changed the conversation about the importance of health literacy in our early trials.”

Laurie Myers

Global Health Literacy Director, Merck & Co., Inc

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HLM is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.