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Complex health information made clear.

We use health literacy to bridge the gap between complex health and science information, clear understanding, and sustainable behaviors.

We meet people where they are with what they need

We use health literacy to create effective, engaging, and evidence-based materials and programs that improve health across the world. Here's how:

We understand

the health, science, and risk information

We apply

clear communication best practices

We create

engaging print and digital materials

We test and revise

messages, designs, and materials 

Health literacy looks like this

We infuse health literacy strategies into every aspect of health information to make it easier to understand and act upon. By building programs that embrace health literacy best practices, we are able to increase understanding of health information in new and exciting areas.


HLM is an award-winning, interdisciplinary team of creative content and usability experts.  Our team has become national thought leaders in health literacy.

What people say

See what people say about our work:


In one project, you have changed the conversation about the importance of health literacy in our early [clinical] trials.

Laurie Myers
Global Health Literacy Director, Merck & Co., Inc


We have the clinical experience and HLM provides the skillset to translate the complexity of brain injury treatment into a clear and usable resource

Traumatic Brain Injury Team
Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Man Typing on a Laptop

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