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Who we partner with

We partner with policymakers, educators, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, and communities in the name of health literacy. We can help reach diverse health care audiences in innovative ways – no matter who our partner is.

Illustration of HLM office, government buildnng, pharceutical company building, community market, and school, to show some of the different groups we partner with

Educators are at the forefront of literacy, but health literacy is different. Children and young adults need a comprehensive understanding not only of their own biology, but also of how to navigate the complex healthcare and health insurance systems in the United States. Movements in health literacy and education include teaching children how to eat healthy foods and work exercise and good sleep habits into their daily routines.

Policy makers aren’t born knowing everything any more than the rest of us, so they appreciate clear simple communication. Government and policy makers need health literate descriptions of research so they can build meaningful policy around it. On top of that since 2011, federal agencies are required to follow plain language guidelines to keep regulations accessible and actionable.

Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems need clear, simple materials that help people access their care in actionable ways. These materials can lower costs associated with readmittance and staff time fielding questions. They can also help improve quality of care and patient satisfaction.

For communities, communication is key. Getting the message out about needed services and under-used services that are already available can help communities build a coalition around public health. ​ From gatherings at farmer’s markets to helping people get health insurance, health literacy at the community level means building relationships and knowledge as a team.

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