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HLM tools you can use

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite HLM-created materials that you can use in your own work.

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What is health literacy?

Learn about the challenges people face when it comes to clear communication, what health literacy is, and how it helps improve health and wellbeing.


Interactive decision aid

My Transplant Coach

An award-winning interactive, online, video-based decision aid for patients with kidney failure to learn about and understand their condition and what treatment options are available, and assist them in making healthcare decisions.

Transplant coach and ET ELD print.png

Learning about kidney disease and making decisions about treatment isn't always easy. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Amy Waterman, and using evidence-based health literacy best practices, these materials help kidney patients and their loved ones learn about the disease and treatment options available.

Explore Transplant Education

Print and digital disease education

Video series

Health Insurance Now

Health insurance is complicated, and choosing a plan that best fits your needs can be difficult for anyone, and particularly for people who have health insurance for the first time. These award-winning health insurance literacy videos can help.


Video series

Healthcare Hacks

Nowadays people are using the internet for just about everything, especially for finding health information. So we decided to create a video series to meet people where they are: the web.


Spanish-language fotonovelas

Health insurance and oral health fotonovelas

Focus groups and interviews revealed a need for education on how to get and use health insurance and oral health care in the Latinx community. We created 2 fotonovelas to fill this gap.


Published article

We set out to test a theory-based measure of health literacy. To do so, we included the newly developed Calgary Charter on Health Literacy scale in Pre- and Post-evaluation of the Life Enhancement Program (a program focusing on health literacy and the prevention of chronic disease).


The Calgary Charter on Health Literacy scale

Published book

From the beginning, HLM has been an active member of an international community of health literacy scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders.  Our latest contribution includes 2 chapters in the new International Handbook of Health Literacy: Research, Practice and Policy across the Life-Span


International Handbook of Health Literacy