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Jacob Harris

Multimedia Designer

Jacob Harris

As a Multimedia Designer at HLM, Jacob breaks down difficult health concepts into more easily understandable information using graphic design and video animation.

Jacob brings their years of experience using visual techniques to break down difficult concepts to the HLM creative team. Jacob enjoys helping people turn their big creative media ideas into a reality and pushing boundaries into new tech areas, and there is no shortage of that at HLM. As a Multimedia Designer, Jacob spends their days animating engaging video content and creating clear health communication materials — all to make complex health information more easily understandable.

Prior to HLM, they worked for a house of worship in Melbourne Beach, Florida, where they used digital media to tell stories and convey theological concepts. Jacob has been creating high quality video and audio, as well as print media, and graphic design in the non-profit sector for most of their career. Jacob is also pursuing a degree in marketing from Southern New Hampshire University a with a focus on social media.

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