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International Handbook of Health Literacy: Research, practice and policy across the lifespan

From the beginning, HLM has been an active member of an international community of health literacy scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders. Our latest contribution includes 2 chapters in the new International Handbook of Health Literacy: Research, Practice and Policy across the Life-Span. HLM staff and a board member, authored:

  • "Measuring health literacy in adults: An overview and discussion of current tools"

  • "Health literacy interventions for children or adolescents: An overview and insights into practical applications."

A theory-based self-report measure of health literacy: The Calgary Charter on Health Literacy scale

We set out to test a theory-based measure of health literacy. To do so, we included the newly developed Calgary Charter on Health Literacy scale in Pre- and Post-evaluation of the Life Enhancement Program at multiple sites. The program focusing on health literacy and the prevention of chronic disease is conducted with health-care provider organization partners across the United States.

Community-Based Health Literacy Interventions

The Roundtable on Health Literacy hosted a one-day public workshop that
featured moderated panels, invited presentations, and discussions of community-based health literacy interventions. The areas of focus included the range of community-based health literacy interventions that currently exist, research related to community-based health literacy interventions, and best practices in community-based health literacy interventions. 

Social Media: A Path to Health Literacy

As increasing numbers of people receive their news and health information online, it is important to ensure content delivered through online resources is accessible to diverse target audiences. This chapter discusses a mid-sized health literacy nonprofit organizations' social media philosophy and tactics during the past 10 years, as both social media and health literacy strategies evolved continuously. 

Strategies to Enhance Numeracy Skills

This paper provides guiding principles for communicating numbers in a clear, simple way. These principles can be used by health professionals; health systems; health plans; and pharmaceutical and medical device companies. These organizations should all take the opportunity to help foster improved health decision making by presenting data and numbers clearly.

Considerations for New Definition of Health Literacy

The field of health literacy has evolved over the decades. While early work focused on individual skills (and deficits) and specific products (brochures and documents, for example), we, the authors, have come to a greater appreciation that health literacy is multidimensional—it includes both system demands and complexities as well as the skills and abilities of individuals.