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New name, same people: Announcing Health Literacy Media

You may have noticed some changes. But don’t fret. We’re still the same HLM we’ve always been.We still rewrite medical documents to make them easier to read. We still train doctors and medical staff on how to talk to patients. We still use funny videos and crystal clear patient materials to empower people.

While our nonprofit mission hasn’t changed, where and to what extent we’re meeting our goals has changed a lot since we opened almost eight years ago. When we started as a small start-up, most of our work was right here in Missouri.

But as we’ve grown – and word about our products and services has spread – our customer base has expanded, too. Our clients now span from Los Angeles to New York, and Minnesota to Madrid. As such, we often find ourselves having to explain that we, in fact, are a national and international health care communications company.

We understand just how much words matter (health literacy is our business, after all). So, while we’re incredibly proud of our Missouri roots and St. Louis home, we figured it was time to have a name that more accurately reflected our company


HLM now stands for Health Literacy Media.

Why media?

Media is defined as a means of communication that reaches or influences people widely. In short, everything we do at HLM is centered around one media format or another, whether it’s on paper, video or online.

To that end, our website can now be found at, and Heather will be answering the office phone a little bit differently, too.

Thanks for letting us be your partner in clear health communication. And thanks for growing and changing with us,

Team HLM


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