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Writing simply about health topics is surprisingly hard to do. About half of Americans don’t understand most medical text because it's written in a complicated way. And even people who can understand it would prefer simple and easy to read content.


Plain language is the key to helping people understand your health information – and when people understand, they can make better health decisions. Whether it's a stand-alone brochure or video, or a full e-learning series or educational toolkit, we can help.


We're experts at reviewing complex health information and helping you turn it into plain language. Our team uses a standardized, evidence-based tool to review your content and materials, and recommend changes. We then apply those changes to revise and design your materials. At the end, you get an easy-to-read, well-designed piece that people can understand.

Work we're proud of:


What we create:

  • Written content for materials such as fact sheets, guides, brochures, and medication instructions

  • Digital content for websites, apps, and interactive media

  • Infographics

  • Editorials, feature articles, white papers, and blog posts

  • Toolkits

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