Member of the Board of Directors

Leslie Porth, Ph.D.

 Leslie Porth is senior vice president of strategic quality initiatives for the Missouri Hospital Association. Prior to joining MHA in 1999, she began her career as a nurse in critical care and emergency care units and then assumed an administrative position in a mid-Missouri hospital. Today at MHA, she is responsible for a wide range of population- and hospital-based strategies to implement the Triple Aim to improve the quality outcomes provided in Missouri hospitals as well as the health and safety of Missourians. She continues to present to, and serve on, state and national advisory groups to further health and resiliency. 

Dr. Porth also has served as adjunct faculty for the University of Missouri – Columbia. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing from the University of Missouri - Columbia, a Masters of Public Health from Saint Louis University and a Doctorate of Philosophy in public policy from Walden University. 

Leslie Porth

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