Many have generated content around epidemiology and general preventive efforts, but we’ve taken a different approach. We've been focusing on tailored and targeted content for various high-risk and immunosuppressed populations (including kidney and transplant patients), and supporting local efforts in and around St. Louis.

With all the misinformation about COVID-19, we're excited to be a part of helping people understand the facts. Are you ready to partner to improve health and prevent the further spread of COVID-19 using of health literacy and clear communication? Send an email our way!


Explore Transplant and Living Donation

Doing everything you can during COVID-19: Kidney and transplant patient education

As a part of our Explore Transplant program, and in collaboration with other leading healthcare professionals, we developed a comprehensive kidney dialysis and transplant patient guide to answer frequently asked questions. In addition to the guide, we created social media content to promote the guide, and door signs for staying safe at home.

ET COVID-19 social media.png

Community Coalition for Older Adults (CCOA)

Why is it important to write down your wishes for medical treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We had the opportunity to work with the Community Coalition for Older Adults to edit and redesign an advanced directive addendum for older adults to understand and document their wishes for treatment if they become infected with COVID-19.


St. Louis Regional Health Commission (RHC)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) videos

In collaboration with the St. Louis Regional Health Commission we scripted, recorded, and animated 3 videos to help people stay safe, understand what they should do if they get sick, and learn where to find local resources.


COVID-19 Regional Response Team

How to wear homemade cloth face masks and surgical face masks

Members of the COVID-19 Regional Response Team saw a need to help people understand how to wear different types of face masks, and reached out to us for help. We designed and developed a handout with clear content and illustrations to support this need.


Board member contributions

Our board members are, as always, actively engaged in leading conversations around the world — and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. They are all experts in their fields and passionate about helping all people live healthier and happier lives even in the face of this pandemic. We are proud to share a few of their contributions with you!

Dr. Richard Carmona MD, MPH, FACS on Human News

Former U.S. Surgeon General and Humana’s Chief Medical Officer team up on how to protect seniors and communities from COVID-19

Dr. Richard Carmona MD, MPH, FACS on Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

Experts: COVID-19 is ‘Approaching Pandemic’

Dr. Will Ross MD on St. Louis American

Why North St. Louis City needs a COVID-19 testing site now!