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Community wellness

We enter communities aware that while we may be experts in our field, we're not experts in the culture and context of that community.


Community wellness programs aren't 1 size fits all. So rather than assume that generic content will fit a range of communities, we use formative research to inform our work. We do this through interviews with community leaders and community members, tours of the community, and community assessments. With lots of input, we then feel ready to tailor our messaging to fit their unique needs – whether it be through health materials or training of local program staff.


When we can make health information relevant to our intended audience, our programs can promote understanding and behavior change.

Work we're proud of:

Healthy Hannibal + Johego app

Image of smartphones featuring the JOHEGO app

Health care and oral health fotonovelas

How we support:

  • Wellness programs

  • Communication toolkits

  • In-person and online trainings

  • Focus groups and formative research

  • Plain language review of materials

  • Creation of print materials, such as fact sheets, pamphlets, and brochures

  • Videos

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Based in St. Louis, MO - Working around the world.

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HLM is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.