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HLM's volunteer opportunities allow health professionals, patients, caregivers and advocates, writers, creators, and scientists to partner to partner with us to make health and science information easier for people to understand. 

Volunteers use their own expertise to help us put health literacy into action and use evidence-based best practices to communicate across many different groups of people.

Current opportunities:

HLM is currently hiring for the following positions:

Health Literacy & Science Writer

We are looking for a health literacy & science writer to join our team. Under the direction of the Assistant Director of Program Development, you will be tasked with providing support to all HLM programming, with a specific focus on our Clearly Communicating Clinical trials (C3T) and Explore Transplant/Explore Living Donation programs.

Current volunteer opportunities

HLM is currently accepting volunteers who can:

Review clinical trial materials

We’re actively looking for people to review clinical trial study materials and share their thoughts, so we can make the materials easier to understand.

Write blog posts

There is a lot to be said about health literacy, risk communication, and science information


HLM was founded in 2009 as Health Literacy Missouri. What started as a small initiative to improve the health of people in Missouri has grown into a wide-reaching organization with partners and clients all over the world in the name of health literacy. In 2017 we changed our name to Health Literacy Media to reflect that growth and the work that we do. Since our beginning, we have been a leading force in the field and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. 

Our team is passionate about improving health, excited about the work we do, intentionally diverse in a variety of ways, intensely collaborative, and values both scientific evidence and creative innovation. If we sound like your kind of people, join us!

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